Garden Security

By making simple changes in your garden, for example, securing fences and gates and by locking away tools and equipment you can prevent an intruder from accessing your home. The following section contains more advice and tips, which will help you secure your garden.

Front gardens

Front garden
Making your front garden tidy and secure could prevent an intruder from entering your home.


Wooden fence
 The back garden is the most vulnerable part of a house and requires careful attention to security. Fences offer vital protection for a house and can deter burglars from committing a burglary.

Garden sheds and garages

Garden sheds
 Garden sheds and garages are a very popular target with burglars and are often overlooked when security is being considered.


 Solid wooden gates offer easy entry for thieves because they are sturdy to climb and tend to be tucked away at the sides of houses. Please consider the following tips to prevent burglaries via gates.

Gardening equipment

Garden tools
 Don’t make a burglar’s life any easier by leaving gardening tools available to act as the perfect tool with which to force his entry. This section contains a selection of tips to keep your garden property safe and secure.

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