Tips on what burglars dislike

Security tips based on what burglars dislike.

These are some of things that burglars really dislike.  Various former burglars offer have the following tips:

  1. Alarm bell boxes/signs are the biggest deterrent.
  2. Don’t make it easy for me.  Have lots of deadbolts, active alarms, motion lights, dogs, etc.
  3. Don’t appear as a target. (full letter box, obstructed view of the house from streets).
  4. Cameras – inside and out. I knew a guy who was caught because he walked by someone’s Mini cameras disliked by burglarswebcam inside their house and ended up on the news.  Make the cameras visible. If I see a camera, I’m not just moving on to the next house, but I’m going several streets away.
  5. Restrict access to the rear and lock the gate.  That’s generally where I broke into the house from.
  6. Try not to have any stools, wheelie bins etc. in the garden.  They make climbing through windows easier.
  7. Don’t post your entire social life publicly on social media.  The people scouting out robberies aren’t always across the street in a dodgy van. They’re just following you on facebook, twitter, google+, foursquare and instagram.  Having a meal out is more than enough time for me to be in and out.
  8. Certain taxi drivers are in cahoots with burglars, and let them know when a house is empty for most of the night because the students are out clubbing.  Get the taxi  to pick you up near your home, not at it.
  9. If you’re in an apartment – do whatever you can to add more locks (if possible according to your lease) , alarm system, cameras, etc. – lots of shady maintenance men and landlords out there.
  10.  Lock your patio door, even if you live on the 10th floor. Scaling the sides of most buildings is actually pretty damned easy.
  11.  If I do get in your house, don’t keep small valuables all about. I often did all my work of foot, and stole money, jewellery, small electronics, etc.  Have a safe basically.
  12. Get a dog that doesn’t like strangers. I don’t care if it’s big or small or threatening or friendly… as soon as one dog barks, all the dogs in an area start barking and announcing a burglar’s presence.


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