Tips on what burglars like

Security tips on what ex semi-pro burglars looked for in choosing a house. This is what they said.

(Pro burglars who attack the larger properties in own grounds, celebrities etc are a different group.)

    1. Corner house or similar that has a side with no neighbours.
    2. Middle class areas where I can dress to blend in (as a student if near colleges/university, white shirt clean cut in other places). I would stand out too much in wealthy areas and poorer areas often have security on windows and doors because they expect to be robbed. Middle class people seem to be careless. I often went in through an unlocked back door. I went through front doors by picking the lock. I would go to the back or side because any fences would provide coverage from neighbours.
    3. If I pop the door and an alarm goes off I will probably leave.
  1. I often picked houses by the stupid tricks people use when they go out of town. Tons of lights on, and an obnoxiously loud TV on in the living room at 2 am on a Sunday night in an upper middle class area? LOL!
  2. “Beware of dog” signs and stickers are completely worthless. I once broke into a house through a doggy door. There was no dog home.
  3. People think a large dog would be a good deterrent, but I generally avoided those annoying small yapping dogs that never shut up.
  4. Outdoor lights with movement sensors are a minor annoyance. Will scare off the brainless junkies.
  5. I often went through a bedroom window – whether it was unlocked or not. I’m committing a crime. I didn’t care about a broken window.
  6. I usually went straight to the master bedroom because that’s where the good stuff was.

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