Wireless Burglar Alarms

Visonic Wireless Burglar Alarms

We install Visonic wireless burglar alarms, part of the Tyco Security Products portfolio of brands.

WHY Tyco?

Outdoor detection
The number and type of wireless external sensors is class leading, battery life is from 2 – 5 years and 400mtr is easily attainable

Because Tyco have more wireless sensors than any other security company. read more

They have more external sensors to alert you to the presence of intruders in the grounds,  before they gain entry to the house.

The easiest and most flexible way to protect a property is with wireless sensors where sensor range and battery life is top of the class

Why wireless?  Because sensors are placed for maximum protection rather than most convenient for running a cable.  Without wires there is minimum mess and disruption.

The wireless burglar alarm range satisfy the EU regulations for residential and small businesses. (Grade2)

A full  installation is generally complete within 4 hrs with minimum mess.
The systems are pet friendly and, with a large range of sensors,  all customers security needs can be satisfied.

Daily operation via a keyfob or mobile phone app read more

to allow you to  view the alarm status, arm and disarm, view live cameras, control lights, open gates etc and even works with Alexa.  In addition a keyfob, keypad or proximity tag is simplicity itself for simple arm/disarm.

This short video shows how the new panel can secure your home in a simple, scalable way.

In the event of a problem, read more

an engineer can access the system and solve many issues without the need for an expensive visit.

To maximise safety and security, either you or a monitoring centre can respond to any activations 24/7 leaving you secure in the knowledge that your home is looked after while away. The integrated motion sensor and camera means the cause of an alarm activation is verified with a video and appropriate action taken.read more

The range of wireless safety and security sensors is in process of being updated, click here for an overview of product range

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