Choosing the right security route

Approved cylinder ( SS312 ), anti-snap lock will minimise the risk of burglary..

There’s a home break-in every 106 seconds in the UK, with most incidents taking place while the homeowner is inside.

Taking steps to protect your property not only saves you money in stolen valuables but gives you much-needed peace of mind that you’re safe in your home.

This October is National Home Security Awareness Month, and we would like to help you pick the right home security measures for your property.

Advice for renters

Home security can be tricky for renters, who often don’t have permission to make big structural changes. However, there are still steps they can take to protect their property.

If you’re concerned the locks haven’t been changed since the move, ask your landlord to have new ones fitted. If they refuse, you’re within your rights to work with a locksmith to have them changed yourself.

Portable tech devices can deter unwanted visitors. Wireless alarms may be clipped onto walls and doors around the home to alert you to a break-in. You can even move them around the home to target weak spots.

Security for those on a budget

With over a quarter of UK burglaries a result of forced entry, it pays to beef up security on home entry points.

Replace the strike plate on your front door with a longer model – this allows you to fit more nails in. Switching out standard screws for longer ones also makes the door more durable against brute force, without breaking the bank.

Bolts, latch chains and window restrictors are affordable and simple to install, compared with alarm systems, and add an extra physical layer of security.

Learning helpful security habits doesn’t cost a thing, either. Keep valuables out of sight of windows and letterboxes as these can tempt opportunist thieves. Also, leaving the TV or radio on while you’re out can trick burglars into thinking you’re home.

Consider joining a neighbourhood watch scheme for added peace of mind that someone’s looking out for you and your property.

Make your flat a fortress

When it comes to keeping a flat safe, it can pay to stick to the basics. Never buzz anyone into the building if you don’t know them and be alert to people following you into the building.

Blocks of flats sometimes have loft spaces and areas above ceilings which aren’t compartmentalised to each home. Intruders may be able to access these areas and enter apartments through loft hatches.

Like renters, flat owners can’t always make large structural changes but securing loft hatches, for example with heavy-duty padlocks, adds an extra barrier to entry.

Unsurprisingly, ground floor flats are the most likely to be burgled. Never leave windows open if you’re not in the room and if you have a sliding patio door, consider installing a door pin. These secure the sliding and static doors together for added security.

Fitting shatter-proof film to the glass also protects against attempted break-ins or vandalism.

Securing detached homes

Detached and semi-detached properties have more potential entry points and therefore require extra protection.

Fitting a visible CCTV system on exterior walls is among the top deterrents to potential intruders, who aim to get in and out of properties undetected.

Similarly, installing motion-sensor operated lights around the property alerts you to intruders moving around the building or attempting to hide down the side of the house.

Perimeter protection
Early warning of intruders increases protection

Protecting homes with gardens

While gardens offer the luxury of relaxation and fresh air, unfortunately, they also act as an additional entry point for unwanted visitors.

Where possible, trim back overgrown bushes which stop you seeing out across your garden. While gates and fences are the obvious first line of defence, planting prickly thorns or bushes also makes things difficult for intruders.

Tidy away gardening tools and equipment each night in a locked shed or garage and include a sensor that will activate the house alarm. Not only does this prevent your valuable items being stolen but it stops intruders from using them to assist their break-in.

Home security myths

These are the most common myths regarding security

  1. “I don’t need to turn on my alarm during the day”
    FALSE Nearly two thirds (65%) of burglaries happen between 6am amd 6pm
  2. “Home security system are too expensive for me”
    FALSE Thanks to new technologies loke WiFi, systems such as alarms and CCTV are more affordable that ever.
  3. “All of the modern security systems are too confusing”
    FALSE The latest systems are simple and intuitive to use and able to activate at the touch of a button.

Learn more about how you can keep you home more secure during National Home Security Month this October

Change user code

PowerMaster system allows you to authorize up to 48 (PowerMaster-30 G2 / PowerMaster-33 G2) people to arm and disarm the system by providing each with a unique 4 digit personal security code. more information at the bottom of these instructions.

To Enter the USER SETTINGS Menu

    Make sure the system is disarmed and then press the –> button repeatedly until the display reads [USER SETTINGS].
  3. Enter your Master User Code (user code 1) The screen will now prompt you to enter your user code or present your proximity tag.
  4. Click the –> or <– button until the display reads “USER CODES”.
  6. The first user code “User 01: 1111” is displayed.
  7. At the blinking cursor position, key in the User Code you wish to program , for example, [06] for user code 6, or alternatively click the
    –> or <– button until the display reads, [User 06: 0000]
  8. When the user code you wish to program appears on the display, PRESS OK
  9. To program or edit the code, at the blinking cursor position enter the 4 digit code, for example, “1234”, using the numerical keypad. To program another user code, return to step 8.
  10. When done, PRESS OK. A “Success Tune” sounds. The display confirms the saved code.
  11. PRESS Escape to move one level up in the meu or to return to previous setting step.
  12. PRESS thedelete/abort button, to edit a field or jump back to the [ TO EXIT] screen to quit programming.

PowerMaster system allows you to authorize up to 48 (PowerMaster-30 G2 / PowerMaster-33 G2) people to arm and disarm the system by providing each with a unique 4 digit personal security code (code 0000 is
not allowed), and assigning them with different security levels and functionalities.
Moreover, you can obtain up to 32 (PowerMaster-30 G2 / PowerMaster-33 G2) multi-function portable keyfob transmitters that will allow you and the other users to easily arm, disarm and control the system without accessing the KP-250 PG2 or panel, including from outside the premises.
The Duress Code enables you to disarm the system using a special code that sends a silent alarm to the monitoring station.

User Code 1 is assigned to the Master User of the system (the owner). It is the only user code that allows access to the User Settings menu. The default setting of the Master User code is 1111. This code cannot be erased and must be replaced with a secret code as soon as possible.

User Codes 2-22 and 33-48 are assigned to family members, co-workers etc. They enable arming and disarming of the system or of selected partitions as defined by the Master User. They can access the “User Settings” menu only for “zone bypassing” provided this option is enabled in the Installer menu.

Product discontinued

Powermax Product Discontinued

Visonic have discontinued production of the excellent wireless Powermax/Powercode range of control panels.  Over the next year sensors will become increasingly difficult to source should they need to be replaced for any reason.

Many of our customers have a Powermax wireless alarm system, some installed for many years.  The Alarming Man is prepared to replace their systems with the latest PowerMaster version at preferential rates. We recognise customer  loyalty and this is our way of showing our PowerMaxComplete control panelappreciation.

Those with a Powermax Alarm should consider the implications and, if in the Manchester area, may wish to call for an estimate.

The Alarming Man is recognised by Visonic as a Gold installer, so you can rely on sound advice.

Another alarm that failed to protect

A Romiley home was inadequately protected when a wired burglar alarm was ripped off the wall by burglars.  There was extensive damage when the control panel was removed from the hall wall leaving plastering and decoration repairs.  The burglars ransacked the house, stole various items and a Mercedes vehicle.

The tragedy here is that 3 months previously there was a break in following exactly the same pattern but the the burglars were disturbed and took nothing.  The  wired alarm panel was replaced in exactly the same way and plastering repaired only for it to be repeated.  To The Alarming Man there seemed little point in repairing the old wired burglar alarm as the coverage and placement was inadequate.  Instead a fully monitored Visonic wireless burglar alarm was proposed but the owner chose not to take this route.  Now, instead of being notified within seconds of an alarm activation from a hidden alarm, the owner may find he suffers a similar fate in a few months!!.

We recommend everyone reviews their alarm and replaces outdated technology or upgrades existing modern security systems.

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Burglar Alarm Failed to Protect

A Wired burglar alarm failed to Protect a Bramhall home where burglars ripped alarm sensors and keypad off the wall and, despite the external siren making a noise, the burglars ransacked the house and stole various items including jewellery and a vehicle.

There seemed little point in repairing the old wired burglar alarm as the coverage was inadequate, instead a fully monitored Visonic wireless burglar alarm installed by The Alarming Man providing greater protection was installed. Now, within seconds of an alarm activation, calls are made to appropriate people.

We recommend everyone reviews their alarm and replaces outdated technology or upgrades existing modern security systems.

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