CCTV – like nothing you have seen

Video verification of activity on your property has stepped up in the last few years. We now offer fully integrated video that is fully connected and be integrated with home automation devices, alarms, doorbells, locks and movement sensors. All controlled by smartphone, tablet etc and all in one app.
The Internet of Things has arrived!

Access CCTV with a smartphoneCCTV monitored with iphone app

Our CCTV systems can be accessed via smartphones or a remote PC and, depending upon system chosen, can talk to intruders requesting them to leave.

Affordable upgrading of CCTV

Our DVR’s can replace traditional coax DVR’s and can simultaneously record three different analogue video
standards, meaning users can upgrade traditional analogue cameras to HD caClipboard-1meras incrementally, rather than replace an entire CCTV system to achieve 1080p video and be viewed by smart phones and remote monitoring stations.

We now install competitively priced IP cameras and NVR (network video recorders) systems for the best quality images.

Alarm installer covering Cheshire, Derbyshire and Greater Manchester

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