Alarmingman LogoThe Alarming Man is an energetic business offering innovative security products to clients throughout the North. The business, which is based in Romiley (Stockport), originally started out in 2004 and specialises in ways to counter the modern thief.
There exists a plethora of perimeter security measures to persuade the intruder to stay out (gates, fences, grills, bollards etc) and an equal number to detect and monitor him once he’s in.did-you-know_burglar_en

Unfortunately, today’s burglar is not as easily dissuaded as he once was. With most intruders showing utter disdain for conventional security systems, business and property owners need high tech solutions to an age old problem.

The problem was, nothing would force the intruder to leave – until now.

The Alarming Man installs products that blind, deafen and cut the hands off burglars whilst sending a short video verifying an intruder is on the premises.
These systems can be used in both residential and commercial properties.

For most residential applications, the alarm immediately contacts keyholders who view the cause of activation on a smartphone.

Following an alarm activation at commercial or domestic premises, there is a recognised window of opportunity for burglars before key holders or security arrive. If that window can be closed by legally blinding and deafening those burglars, subsequent theft or disruption is minimised.
It makes perfect sense; the costs incurred in a break-in are directly proportional to the time available to the intruder, the longer they’re permitted to remain inside, the more damage they can inflict and the more stock they can steal.

The Alarming Man has an expanding customer base, located throughout the UK, including businesses such as jewellers, property developers, opticians, garden centres and convenience stores. Private residences are increasingly benefiting from the protection technologically advanced products can provide.

Being a Gold Certified installer means keeping updated on the latest versions of Visonic wireless alarm systems, course certificate here 

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