Another alarm that failed to protect

A Romiley home was inadequately protected when a wired burglar alarm was ripped off the wall by burglars.  There was extensive damage when the control panel was removed from the hall wall leaving plastering and decoration repairs.  The burglars ransacked the house, stole various items and a Mercedes vehicle.

The tragedy here is that 3 months previously there was a break in following exactly the same pattern but the the burglars were disturbed and took nothing.  The  wired alarm panel was replaced in exactly the same way and plastering repaired only for it to be repeated.  To The Alarming Man there seemed little point in repairing the old wired burglar alarm as the coverage and placement was inadequate.  Instead a fully monitored Visonic wireless burglar alarm was proposed but the owner chose not to take this route.  Now, instead of being notified within seconds of an alarm activation from a hidden alarm, the owner may find he suffers a similar fate in a few months!!.

We recommend everyone reviews their alarm and replaces outdated technology or upgrades existing modern security systems.

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