Key fob Battery Change

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    Replacing the Battery

    Fob_petiteThe battery should be replaced once every 12 months or upon observing that the LED flickers when transmitting.

    A replacement lrv0812 V alkaline battery, such as LRV08 GP, is available from hardware and electrical supply stores.

    Replace the battery as follows:
    A. Use a small Phillips screwdriver to open the miniature screw
    at the back of the unit. Take care not to lose the screw.
    B. Put the unit down and extract the battery from its holder (see
    Figure 2).

    Note: Make sure the elastic pad within the cover remains in place. Put it back in place if it falls off.

    C.  Insert the new battery, observe polarity.

    D. Test the unit by momentarily pressing one of the transmit switches. The LED indicator should light.

    E.  Put the cover back on and re-attach it with the screw.

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